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Material Services

Services around ebalta products

The team at ebalta distribution Ltd. have many years experience working with all types of resin and board materials. They are your first point of contact of technical and commercial questions.
In addition thy are able to call on the product experts in Germany if required for additional support. These product specialists have extensive knowledge of all ebalta products in particular epoxy modelling paste, ebablock and vacuum infusion.

Modelling Paste

The epoxy modelling paste from ebalta is suitable both for 1-to-1 design models, e.g. in the automotive sector or rail vehicle construction, and for production moulds – such as laminating moulds – e.g. for wind energy blades or boat hulls. Especially for large-scale model and mould making, speed and process reliability are required when applying the modelling paste.

Project planning for the modelling paste

Depending on the application, the modelling paste is placed on a substructure made of polystyrene, PU foam, laminate or the ebaboard L-2 design board.

Depending on the thickness of the paste, the modelling paste hardens in 24 to 48 hours. Then it can be milled and finished.

The ebalta team in the UK and in Germany are very familiar with the technology, material and equipment and can support you at every stage of the project.

ebablock®: Casting individual polyurethane blocks

The plastic blocks are cast and post cured in the ebalta production halls in a prefabricated negative mould made of polystyrene, PU foam or wood according to individual customer specifications. All moulds and negatives, are provided by ebalta.

The degree of detail of the block depends on the individual mould. ebalta PU blanks can be cast close to the final contour, with only 15 millimetres machining allowance. Simplified blocks and rectangular blocks are also available.

The advantages of ebablock®

  • Seamless models, tools and components, as no gluing of individual boards is necessary.

  • Save material by casting in prefabricated negatives and inserting displacers.

  • Correspondingly, significantly shorter milling times than with plates, due to the near-contour geometry of the ebablock®.

  • The result is a series of components that are almost ready for use.

  • The service offered is the import of CAD data, the resulting project planning and the provision of negative moulds.

Training for processing methods

As a long-standing supplier for model and mould making, the ebalta Distribution Ltd Team have a lot of practical experience with all common processes and are able to support you at your premises with practical advice and product demonstrations.

In addition ebalta are able to offer training courses in Germany designed individually for customers and their employees.

Customer Training: Parts production in the low-pressure RIM and vacuum process

In the customer training on the topic of RIM and vacuum, this process is taught in a practical way. The ebalta specialists train everything from mould making to the first parts production: how to make the first silicone moulds, how to set up the machine correctly and also how to create the first components.

Customer Training: Composites with the vacuum infusion process

In vacuum infusion, resin is bonded with fibres. The vacuum means that less resin is used than in other processes. We can arrange a full demonstration or training service that how this process succeeds without any problems.

Customer Training: Foundry pattern making

The know-how in dealing with casting resins distinguishes ebalta from its competitors. ebalta has grown up with foundry model making. During the ebalta foundry model making training courses, valuable tips and tricks are taught for the production of models and moulds in the build-up or casting process.