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With our silicones, complex virtual geometries are quickly produced into three-dimensional, tangible parts. Silicones have become essential for rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.
The performance characteristics of eb moulding silicones are dimensional stability, reproduction accuracy, easy processing and good tear resistance. The extensive product range of rubber for moulds includes addition-curing and condensation-curing silicones.

Silicone Rubbers

We supply high quality silicones to satisfy all your mould making requirements.
Our addition-curing silicones can be chemically accelerated in their curing by adding platinum accelerators or by adding temperature. For our condensation-curing silicones, we offer various curing agents with which the curing time can be accelerated. Detailed information can be found on the technical data sheet of the specific product.
ProductPot Life 200g / 23°C:Shore A HardnessPDF
60 - 90 mins.
A 15
50 mins.
A 20
10 mins.
A 20
120 mins.
A 20
90 mins.
A 40
90 mins.
A 40
60 mins.
A 59

Silicone Extras

To complement our range of silicones we can deliver a range of extras including pigments, accelerators and thixotropic agents thus ensuring you can find the right solution.
For further technical assistance relating to any of our silicone products please get in touch.
SR 2-1 Accelerator
SR 2-1 Thixotropic Agent
Silicone Pigments