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Epoxy Tooling Boards

The epoxy boards from ebalta offer mechanically constant properties. They are very heat resistant and have a very fine surface structure. This makes them ideal as moulds and tools for composites
These properties are important both as prepreg master pattern and for direct tooling or high-frequency welding. As dimensionally stable hard plastic boards, epoxy tooling boards can be precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective applications.

Epoxy Tooling Boards

Epoxy tooling boards, often used in racing and vehicle construction
Epoxy boards are often used in racing and vehicle construction because of their fine surface structure and good dimensional stability. The models created from ebaboard EP boards can be used for laminating or prepreg applications.

During processing and application, ebalta’s epoxy resin boards impress with their high heat resistance, low coefficient of expansion and low dust generation. The epoxy boards are suitable for application temperatures up to 175 °C. The all new EP VP 180 is designed for multi part direct tooling applications.

ProductDensity @ 20ºCCoefficient of thermal expansionPDF
0.90 ± 0.02 g/cm³
~ 38
0.68 ± 0,02 g/cm³
~ 36
0.66 ± 0,02 g/cm³
34-38 (depending on temperature)
0.70 ± 0.02 g/cm³
~ 56

Adhesives & Sealers

ebalta adhesives and sealers

Due to their temperature resistance, ebalta Sealer 02 and Sealer 09 are ideal for sealing epoxy tooling boards. As ebalta sealers have a higher content of solids than standard sealers, fewer coats are needed to achieve the same gloss.

ebalta Release Agent 17 offers a smooth, temperature-resistant surface and has very short drying times. They are suitable for all types of pre-preg materials.
ProductHDT After Post Cure °CPot Life 200gPDF
4 mins.
35 mins.