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Climbing Holds


On the way to sustainable climbing holds, we started to develop an eco-friendly polyurethane that meets all characteristics that are needed for a long-lasting climbing hold and can be used for the production of individual climbing holds.
allHOLDS Eco-friendly polyurethane is very abrasion resistant and has many advantages over polyester in terms of sustainability, geometry, etc. In addition to this we are also focused on the area of recycling and have developed a coating system for the repurposing of old holds.

Eco Friendly Polyurethane

The allHOLDS network was founded to connect independent producers of climbing holds and to jointly develop a polyurethane-based material tailored to their needs.The members of the network share the vision of offering a wide variety of individual holds made from a high-quality and sustainable material.

With the help of the network, a polyurethane-based material has been developed that meets all the properties required for a durable climbing grip. In addition to the synergies of material development, new productivity approaches are constantly emerging from which members benefit to be competitive in the long term.
ProductPot life 200g / 20°CPDF
8-10 mins.
2-3 mins.

PU Pigments for Climbing Holds

To meet the demands of our members and all producers of climbing holds we have developed a range of pigments that can be colour matched to the RAL standard.
Please contact us for a full list of available colours.
Colour paste climbing holds