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To ensure that all process steps succeed, ebalta provides a complete range of ancillary materials for the model, mould and tool making needs, as well as for the production of medium series components.
These include fillers, sealers, release agents, adhesives, repair pastes, synthetic gypsum, wax sheets, fabrics. pigments and accessories matched to ebalta modelling and tooling boards, blocks and casting resins.


ebalta fillers are used in a variety of applications: To enrich epoxy resins or polyurethane casting resins; to thicken silicones so that they do not run off vertical surfaces; to add to epoxy resins as a reinforcing filler, e.g. so that premoulded frames can be bonded to moulds.

Sealers & Release Agents

ebalta release agents are available in liquid, paste, spray or wax form, as required. ebalta release agents are smooth, polishable, temperature-resistant and usually have very short drying times. They are suitable for flexible and rigid polyurethanes as well as for epoxy resins and polyesters.

Repair Pastes

Polyester putties from ebalta are used for master models, model reproductions and sample parts as well as for repairs in model and prototype construction and for repairing and bonding model construction boards and blocks. The two-component polyester-based rapid putties are characterised by their fine structure, are very easy to work with and cure quickly. They are easy to grind and have very good adhesion and high filling power.
ProductDensity @ 20ºCPDF
1.25 ± 0.03 g/cm³
2.00 ± 0.03 g/cm³

Accessories and Equipment

ebalta now offer a range of clay products in addition to a range of pattern making consumable products including dowels /plates and lifting plates.

Synthetic Gypsum

The mould making gypsum is offered by ebalta under the name ebacryl laminate system. With ebacryl laminate system – consisting of gel coat, glass fibre mats, powder and emulsion – dimensionally accurate mouldings, negative moulds for reproductions, pre-production tools and decorative models for scenery construction can be easily produced.
ProductPot life 200g / 20ºCPDF
ca. 35 mins.
12 - 18 mins.
20 - 30 mins.
45 - 60 mins.
12 - 18 mins.

Wax Sheets

Wax spacer sheets are offered to simulate component thickness. The wax sheets are self-adhesive, for inserting the metal sheet or material thicknesses into tools, moulds and models.


For the reinforcement of extensive moulds and tools, glass staple fibre and glass filament fabric are each offered in three thicknesses.

PU Pigments

For individual colouring of ebalta polyurethane and epoxy resins, colourful colour pastes are available which are matched to the ebalta resins. The colour pastes are usually added to the resin or A-component.
Colour paste black
Colour paste blue
Colour paste brown
Colour paste climbing holds
Colour paste green
Colour paste red
Colour paste white
Colour paste yellow