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  • ebaboard

    The fast solution

    Complete product range for
    all of your versatile applications.
    Density 0.08 – 1.86 g/cm3.

  • ebablock® Cast to Size

    The individual solution

    Individual cast to shape blocks.
    Available in a wide range of densities.
    Reduces material waste and can
    significantly reduce machining time.

  • Epoxy Tooling Boards

    The No.1 solution

    High performance, high temperature
    resistant epoxy boards for the production
    of composite patterns and master models.

  • Casting Resins

    The fast cast solution

    Wide range of epoxy and polyurethane resins
    for a diverse range of applications. Includes
    the market leading range of Fast Cast resins.

  • Rim Materials

    The prototype solution

    Traditionally used for prototyping applications but
    now extensively used for low volume production
    parts in automotive and medical device markets.

  • Silicone

    The accurate solution

    Versatile high quality RTV material for producing
    accurate fine detail moulds. Variety of Shore A
    available to suit a wide range of applications.

Welcome to ebalta Distribution.

Your competent partner for tooling and component materials.

For more than 40 years ebalta has been a leading manufacturer of polyurethane and epoxy resins for mould and tool making, design and foundry model making for composites and rapid prototyping. These market leading products are available in the UK from ebalta Distributions team of dedicated specialists. ebalta Distribution are a local company with a global support network.

With a reputation for technical excellence the 130 employees ensure solutions are available from ebalta worldwide for automotive, formula 1, aircraft industry, machine construction, rail vehicles and medical technology amongst many others.

Our versatile product range includes:

  • epoxy and polyurethane boards in different thicknesses
  • cast-to-shape blocks for seamless models
  • epoxy and polyurethane resins, all purpose and laminating resins, gel coats, lay-up pastes, RIM and vacuum casting resins.
  • silicones, ancillaries, accessories and services

With ebalta your Solution Takes Shape

EP138 for composite patterns as used in the Rimac C_Two All Electric Hypercar

ebalta officially launch EP 138 following selection by Global Technologies Racing Ltd. to produce Composite Moulds for Rimac C_Two All Electric Hypercar

ebalta’s EP 138 epoxy board was selected by Global Technologies Racing Ltd. for the production of high quality patterns to produce moulds for the new Rimac C_Two All Electric Hypercar.

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    The EP 138 features a low CTE, high temperature resistance and  produces an excellent surface finish. Martin Sammut Machine Shop Manager at leading composite tooling manufacturer Global Technologies Racing Ltd. stated “The EP 138 material was easy to machine and produced very little dust during machining and also exhibits good dimensional stability” EP 138 is also very easy to hand finish and seal making it the ideal choice for your next composite tooling project.

    EP 138 epoxy board is complemented by a full range of adhesives, sealers, release agents and repair pastes. Contact ebalta Distribution who carry extensive UK stock and can offer full technical support coupled with first class customer service.

    To receive your copy of the fully interactive EP 138 promotional pack contact us now.

ebalta and German RepRap Introducing a Global Innovation

First Time Ever Processing Polyurethanes by Additive Manufacturing.

In a cooperation between ebalta and German RepRap (Manufacturer of 3D printers) the Liquid Additive Manufacturing process (LAM) has been adapted to process polyurethenes by additive manufacturing. The process has been shown to the public firstly at the Munich PSE polyurethane exhibition in June 2017.

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    The main target of this polyurethane project is to create the right material properties for functional parts. By varying mixing ratio it is possible to print hard/ soft combinations and provide materials with defined characteristics such as flame proofing or UV stabilisation. 

    The main advantage is that in opposite to melted layers material characteristics due to chemical crosslinking are isotropic, having full strength also in z-direction. Actually processing parameters and materials are optimized so we are going to present the finished product in November at the FormNext Exhibition in Frankfurt (Halle 3.1, Stand D30). The prototype shown on the PSE Munich has drawn interest from various industrial sectors so PU-3D-printing is considered as the “material for the future”. 

    Additive manufacturing processes have only a limited choice of materials and depending on application different requirements have to be fulfilled. The selection of material and machines is based on maximal installation size, thickness of layers and printing speed. The actual trend in the market is to expand these points and to increase the range of materials to optimize the final result. Here polyurethanes offer the base for a broad variety of materials and ebalta has a more than 40-year experience in formulating them.

    Please contact us for more information regarding this exciting project.

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