28 June - 2 July 2011
Hall 12 - Stand B34

Meet an ebalta Distribution technical representative and our foundry industry experts at GIFA 2011

Paul Reynolds
t: 07785 573612
e: paul@ebaltadistribution.co.uk

Foundry Board Materials

ebaboard M 04
• premium foundry board
• high abrasion resistance
• superior edge strength
• also available as cast-to-size
ebablock® M 04
  ebaboard 140
• high quality foundry board
• very low thermal expansion
• high abrasion resistance
• also available as cast-to-size
ebablock® 140
Foundry Liquid Materials

GM 984-1 A/B
• flexible polyurethane casting
• shore D 65
• high abrasion resistance
• non-toxic formulation
  GM 985-1 A/B
• hard elastomeric casting
• no brittleness in curing phase
• high abrasion resistance
• non-toxic formulation
Foundry Literature
Download our foundry application brochures and new foundry
product literature.

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Product Portfolio
Our comprehensive range of solutions for foundry pattern making includes:

Board Materials
ebaboard 60-1
ebaboard 105
ebaboard PW 920 new

Block Materials
ebablock® M 007
ebablocPW 920 new

Gel Coats
OH 4
OH 6-1
OH 47

Laminating Systems
AH 110
AH 120
PS 03-1

PU Casting Systems
SG 2000
SG 2000L
GM 725-7

Epoxy Casting Systems
GH 706
GH 723
GH 730

ebaboard M 04
"We choose ebaboard M04 from ebalta Distribution for the production of our foundry patterns due to its high strength, rigidity and ability to hold its shape. This ensures our patterns don't flex or distort during the moulding process resulting in highly accurate, quality castings."
Terry Hillier,
Methods Manager,
Cronite Casting Ltd.

ebaboard 140
"ebalta is our supplier of choice for high density foundry boards. We routinely use ebaboard 140 as it is less susceptible to distortion from heat due to its very low thermal expansion, making it ideal for the production of core boxes that are blown."
Bob Ladyman,
Partner, Custom Patterns.

Contact ebalta Distribution
For further information about our products and services for foundry pattern making please contact:

Paul Reynolds

UK Sales Manager
t: 07785 573612
e: paul@ebaltadistribution.co.uk